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I have been doing simulation for more than 20 years, I am an engineer by training and I am a jack of all trades.


I have some knowledge in the world of 3D, I work in the field of PLM and CAD for more than 25 years.


I am passionate about aeronautics, which is a field in which I sometimes work for clients.


With the arrival of Microsoft Simulator 2020 and the possibilities offered in terms of livery creation, I took the plunge and have now been providing content for MSFS20 and XPlane11 for two years.


It is a pleasure to share and create but it still requires time and investment. That's why I offer here quality content with small prices to buy a coffee for the long hours of creation.


That's why I propose my services through this shop and not only use other people's websites and create my own universe that I propose to share with you.

Image de Emily Bernal

Made with the best tools on the market.
Photoshop, illustrator, blender

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